• "The knowledge that a secret exists is half of the secret."

    Joshua Meyrowitz

  • "Capt. Bayerle was referred to as a "modern day pirate" (in the complimentary sense) by Judge Nancy Gertner of the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts in a 2005 opinion granting exclusive salvage rights to the Republic to MVSHQ."

  • "She was one of the elite luxury liners of her day, known as the `Millionaires,´ Ship´ for all the wealthy and prominent figures she carried."

    The Tsar's Treasure

  • "Shipwreck may hold $1.6 Billion."

    Los Angeles Times

  • "[The] truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is."

    Sir Winston Churchill

  • "Several billion dollars in gold may lie in 270 feet of water about 50 miles south of Nantucket, and it all belongs to Martin Bayerle."

    The Martha's Vineyard Times

  • "Republic was the largest and most technologically advanced vessel lost at sea in history to her time."

    The Tsar's Treasure

  • "[Captain Bayerle's] Fishing off Nantucket for Ship, History and $1.6B"

    The Boston Globe

  • "A `Palatial´ Steamer. The new twin-screw steamer `Republic,´ 15,400 tons ... will stand comparison with anything afloat for the excellence, comeliness, and comfort of passenger accommodation. The `Republic´ is a vessel which calls for distinct mention among many notable craft."

    White Star Line booklet, circa 1908

  • "Almost immediately upon Republic's sinking came rumors, rumors of a lost treasure that was aboard her. A treasure of over $3 million in gold coins, a treasure that today, may be worth well over a billion dollars."

    The Tsar's Treasure

  • "A billion dollar treasure: The answer is waiting off Nantucket."

    Robert Cembrola, Maritime Archeologist and Director of the Naval War College Museum

  • "Capt. Bayerle has written what must be among the best researched and tantalizing adventure narratives in quite some time... I applaud his ability to fuse history with death-defying deep sea exploration."

    The Martha's Vineyard Times