• "The knowledge that a secret exists is half of the secret." – Joshua Meyrowitz

  • Capt. Bayerle was referred to as a "modern day pirate" (in the complimentary sense) by Judge Nancy Gertner of the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts in a 2005 opinion granting exclusive salvage rights to the Republic to MVSHQ.

  • "She was one of the elite luxury liners of her day, known as the `Millionaires´ Ship´ for all the wealthy and prominent figures she carried." – The Tsar's Treasure

  • "Shipwreck may hold $1.6 Billion." – Los Angeles Times

  • "[The] truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is." – Sir Winston Churchill

  • "Several billion dollars in gold may lie in 270 feet of water about 50 miles south of Nantucket, and it all belongs to Martin Bayerle." – The Martha's Vineyard Times

  • "Republic was the largest and most technologically advanced vessel lost at sea in history to her time." – The Tsar's Treasure

  • "[Captain Bayerle's] Fishing off Nantucket for Ship, History and $1.6B" – The Boston Globe

  • "A `Palatial' Steamer. The new twin-screw steamer 'Republic' 15,400 tons ... will stand comparison with anything afloat for the excellence, comeliness, and comfort of passenger accommodation. The 'Republic' is a vessel which calls for distinct mention among many notable craft." – White Star Line booklet, circa 1908

  • "Almost immediately upon Republic's sinking came rumors, rumors of a lost treasure that was aboard her. A treasure of over $3 million in gold coins, a treasure that today, may be worth well over a billion dollars." – The Tsar's Treasure

  • "A billion dollar treasure: The answer is waiting off Nantucket." – The Martha's Vineyard Times

  • "Capt. Bayerle has written what must be among the best researched and tantalizing adventure narratives in quite some time... I applaud his ability to fuse history with death-defying deep sea exploration." – Robert Cembrola, Maritime Archeologist and Director of the Naval War College Museum

Pyrate Pub

There is tremendous interest in pirates, shipwrecks,and sunken treasure but there is yet to be a single,authentic franchise to encompass these ideas. We believe an opportunity exists to create exciting treasure hunting pubs in the bar districts of major coastal cities, such as LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, New York, Miami, and Key West along with Caribbean locations such as Aruba, Grand Caymans, Jamaica and potentially others. Picture it being a smaller, rougher Hard Rock Café for pirates and treasure hunting. The goal is not to create
your typical pub, but rather a pirate themed interactive
drinking and dining experience.

The walls of the establishment can be covered with treasure hunting newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, photos, and many artifacts and other relics (both original and replicas) from old abandoned and sunken ships. The menu can feature unique sandwiches and dishes named after major shipwrecks and each can be dressed and seasoned based on unique characteristics of the wreck (for example, the location could affect spices and condiments used, and the type of ship could affect meats used, etc.). The alcoholic cocktails list could be split between names of old pirates (rum-based drinks) and new treasure hunters/modern-day pirates (vodka, whisky, gin-based drinks).

The Pyrate Pub will provide a fun, interactive drinking experience in the bar section of the establishment. The bars can utilize fun feature shots such as “Walking the Plank” - a group shot where patrons take shots together out of a drilled “plank,” essentially a custom piece of wood designed to accommodate a number of shot glasses. (Think of it like a “ski shot” popular in the Caribbean and dive bars in ski resort towns, only geared towards a pirate bar.) A special, daunting melody can be played from the bar speakers when a group of daring drinkers is summoned to “walk the plank.”

The Pyrate Pub will feature two bars on opposing sides of the bar section (which would be strictly 21+). Each bar (in the shape of an old, wooden ship) can have its own “ship’s bell” which can be rung by the bartender tending that side for special shot orders. One ring on the bell can signal that a patron is buying a shot for everyone sitting at his bar. Two rings can mean he is buying shots for everyone sitting at the other bar, as if he is trying to sink their ship – which can ultimately lead to a shot war (where the last man standing wins). Three rings mean she is buying shots at all seats at both bars. This shot battle would be a hell of a lot of fun for teams and spectators alike (not to mention a great revenue generator). Visitors can also have the ability to fly their own “flag” from their wooden sloop bar, which can be a t-shirt or small flag from a University, foreign country, company, etc.

The best part, of course, would be the attractive “pirate wench” bartenders and waitresses, dressed in tight, unique pirate outfits. (Male waiters could also be referred to as “scallywags”). There is a tremendous amount of creativity that can go into such an establishment and what we’ve mentioned are merely ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We can create a memorable drinking experience that people would think back upon fondly for years – the night they drank as pirates.

The Pyrate Pub can also be the initial roll-out location for the Millionaire’s Brew. Using the publicity generated from the reformulation efforts, we can increase the draw to the Pyrate Pub for a large release party. As these projects all have a unique connection, the possibilities are endless.

By entering into unique partnerships with other tourism industry businesses, we can attract our greatest customer base, tourists. We have many fresh partnership opportunities that are sure to differentiate us from other tourism relationships. This will be a major key to our success in luring customers and creating a fun and memorable experience that keeps them coming back.

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